Why Engage?

Engaging with your course means participating fully to help you to improve your skills, pass assignments the first time, and to achieve. Students who don’t engage are at risk of failing their course or being withdrawn for Lack of Engagement.

First of all, what does USW mean by “engage”? 

  • Attending and taking part in all timetabled classes and course activities, including those offered remotely
  • Using UniLearn (e.g. Blackboard, Panopto, Turnitin)
  • Submitting assessments on time
  • Regularly checking and responding to University communications

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What’s in it for me?*

  • Higher marks
  • Greater chance of passing assessments
  • Opportunities to improve personal skills and soft skills
  • Familiarisation with the views of others, which helps shape your arguments/knowledge
  • More likely to pass first time


What happens if I don’t engage?*

  • Poorer grades
  • Higher risks of failure
  • Limited knowledge and limited learning opportunities
  • Affects group work
  • More likely to have to re-sit coursework and/or exams in the summer, or repeat modules the following year
  • Lower chances of getting your degree within three years (resulting in more debt and other financial repercussions)
  • You could be withdrawn for Lack of Engagement

What if I can’t attend?

Good attendance is a crucial part of engagement, but we understand that sometimes you may absolutely have to miss a scheduled activity. For more information see Attendance and Absence – it is important that you follow these steps or you may be referred under the Lack of Engagement process.

If you are experiencing difficulties that may be affecting engagement with your course please make an appointment with a Progression Adviser to discuss relevant support and options available to you.

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*Research comparing performance among students of different levels of attendance has shown the above benefits and, conversely, a lack of engagement has been shown to pose serious risks to students’ performance.