Rainy Day Survival Tips

"The weather outside is frightful"* ...So how do we make this delightful?

  Brolly Reflection

Here's some ideas to the make the most of cold and rainy days.

1.  Stay warm, and wear your 'feel good' comfy clothes.

Dog dressed.jpg

2.  Arrange your workspace to help you settle in to study.


3.  Look at our study tips to help you succeed.

Two Snowmen

4.  Get settled with a hot cuppa & water to stay hydrated.

hot cuppa e.jpg

5.  Take regular breaks; during your break why not:


Eat that slice of cake (and fruit)


Grab 5 mins of fresh air (take your brolly!)


Dance to a happy song – Pharrell’s Happy is one of our favourites.

fitnessWoman e.jpg

Do a quick workout, just 7 minutes can help get your heart pumping – there are lots of apps and help online.

Still feeling the January Blues? These tips will help you.

And remember, the days are already getting longer, summer is coming...


"Summertime, and the living is easy" George Gershwin

* From Let it Snow (Vaughan Monroe)