Assignment Tips and Self-Help Treats!

We hope things are going well with your assignments, but we know this can be a daunting time, so if you’re worried, confused or unsure of what to do, here are some assessment tips and self-help tricks to help you succeed.

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Tip - Read

Read and refer to plenty of different sources.  This is often the key to improve your marks).   Use FindIt to search for articles or pop along to see your Faculty Librarian.

Treat - Relax!

Relaxing for 10 minutes with some calming music, some deep breathing exercises. You could even make your own face pack. Treat yourself…you deserve it.

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Tip - Back up your work

Storing your work on One Drive is NOT a backup. You could e-mail your work to yourself so that you have a copy. You won't be able to claim extenuating circumstances failing to have taken back up copies for your work, stolen or corrupted.

Treat - Take a power nap

Studies show a short 20 minute nap can help to improve your mood, aid concentration and memory. Recharge the body, feel more energised and ready to take on the rest of the day…

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Tip - Avoid distractions!

Download an app that can block you accessing certain websites apps for a specified length of time. Or just turn off your phone and all social media for a while to help you concentrate.

Treat - Take a break!

There are a number of ways to feel refreshed from a 10 minute break; stretch your muscles to get them moving and feeling refreshed.

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Tip - Don't lose concentration!

Be aware of signs that your productivity has dropped:  If you notice that you are finding it difficult to take information in or you’re reading the same paragraph again and again, you are not working at your best. 

Treat - Go for a walk!

A 15 minute brisk walk can reduce stress and boost your mood and get you working at your optimum.

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Tip - Use the Library

The library has some fantastic books and journals both online and offline that can help you enhance your grade or visit our Study Skills team.

Treat - Have a nice bath

There are lots of benefits to take a bath, such as relaxing aching muscles, reducing stress and nourishing the skin. No bath? A warm shower can help relax your body and quiet your mind.

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Tip - Reference, reference, reference!

This is vital. Check with your lecturer what type of referencing you need. There are handy guides here. Accurate referencing can improve your overall grade, whereas poor referencing can make your work look like it is plagiarised and you could be committing academic misconduct.

Treat - Eat healthily and drink water

Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water can improve concentration. For most people that means eating your greens, foods high in protein and not eating too much sugar.