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10 Steps to Succeed During Self-Isolation

Isolation doesn't need to be time wasted. Try these 10 steps to make the most of your days inside and to stay motivated.

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1.  First things first! Get up and get dressed. Wear your ‘feel good’ comfy clothes.

2.  Plan your exercise routine and keep up to date with government advice on exercising outside. Pick the time of day that suits you most. Try Joe Wicks’ PE sessions every weekday at 9am! 

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3.  Make sure you’ve read our guidance on how to carry on learning online.

4.  It’s a good idea to arrange your work area and get it set up so it feels ‘just right’.  If you’re competing for space, work together to set boundaries. 

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5.  Write down what you want to achieve over the coming weeks and put it where you can see it. It will remind you of your sense of purpose to keep you going.

6.  Plan your work so you have both easy and complex tasks to tackle throughout the day.

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7.  Keep checking Blackboard.

8.  Stay hydrated.


9.  Take regular breaks; during your break why not:


Enjoy a hot cuppa.


Eat that slice of cake (and fruit).


Dance to a happy song – Pharrell’s Happy is one of our favourites.

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Grab 5 minutes of fresh air if you have your own outdoor space, or spend 5 minutes just gazing out on the world from your open window.


Do a quick workout, just 7 minutes can help get your heart pumping – there are lots of apps and help online. 

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Stay connected with your friends/loved ones.

10.  Feeling anxious? Check out this technique called Havening, we’ve tried it and it works for us.