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Succeeding in your Second Year

Welcome back

Welcome back! With your first year under your belt, you can move on to your second year a little older and wiser, picking up where you left off...

Same old... or is it?

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Once you've started the second year of your course you may discover that things are not what you expected. It's different from your first year - and maybe you're different too. Perhaps your focus and aims for what you want out of this year (both on and off the course) have changed, and you may find you know less than you previously thought.

That's okay. Many students this year notice that things are a bit different, with:

  • expectations to read more around the subject area;
  • written assignments required to be longer and more in-depth;
  • learning generally being more independent.

In a nutshell you are expected to do more than in your first year. But don't worry, everyone adjusts to change at different paces.

These pages will help you to adjust, looking at the following: