Stepping Up in Your Final Year

The Final Leg

You may be feeling comfortable at USW and looking forward to completing your degree, or have concerns about the challenges ahead, either way as you head into the final year of your undergraduate journey this resource will provide you with a blueprint to surviving - and enjoying - a successful final year.

Okay so this year could be tough, there may be changes in your study delivery or you may be managing challenges, academic and personal. There is a lot of reading to do and you’ll be completing your final year project or dissertation.

Don`t panic! Think about what you have achieved so far, bring together all the knowledge and skills you have developed. In stepping up to level six you will continue to develop those transferable skills important for future opportunities and careers. 

Prepare now, plan for the year ahead and beyond. 

Define your goals – Identify the steps you need to take – Choose your learning strategies – Reach out for support.