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Progression Advice Team

The Progression Advice Team provide non-judgmental support to students of all backgrounds.

Our aim

Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals and access relevant support and tools to be a successful learner.

We can:

  • Explore areas for improvement to help you succeed in your studies,
  • Discuss potential solutions for issues affecting your studies,
  • Help you to understand University regulations and to navigate relevant procedures,
  • Advise you on the available options and recommend appropriate support,
  • Provide holistic support.

Although you are responsible for your education, we are here to help make your student experience as successful and enjoyable as possible. 

We have produced a number of resources to support you through your academic journey, check out our Keeping You on Track and Guidance and Support sections below.  

Student success to me means enabling the students with the knowledge and needed information to access support that aids them navigate their unique circumstances and lead to a successful university experience (academic and otherwise). Chidiebere Obeka, USW Masters graduate 2023

Our Vision

We aim to ensure students can achieve their goals and are empowered to identify and access tools to be successful learners.  We work proactively to reduce potential barriers and provide bespoke and holistic one to one support for students whose needs are more immediate. We champion success through wide ranging mainstream and targeted initiatives, policy review and supporting curriculum design.